Easy Access Colonoscopy

Some patients have minimal health problems and can be referred directly to have a colonoscopy or gastroscopy. The patient then needs only to make one trip to the hospital on the day of colonoscopy where they will be seen by Dr Winn and have their procedure performed.

Suitable patients include:
> Low volume bleeding from the bottom
> Positive faecal occult blood test
> Family history of colorectal cancer
> Prior bowel cancer or polyps requiring ongoing surveillance colonoscopy

Patients must have private health insurance or be willing to pay the cost (approximately $1,100) from their own pocket.

How to book easy access colonoscopy:
Patients must be referred by their Registered General Practitioner or Specialist. Referral forms can be downloaded below.

Referral Form

The referral form must be completed, printed and signed by the referring doctor. It can then be faxed, mailed or scanned and emailed to the surgery.

Easy Access Colonoscopy
PO Box 7104
Gwynneville NSW 2500

Fax number: 02 4229 3570
Email: drwinncolorectal@gmail.com

What happens subsequently:
One of our staff will ring the patient to confirm a suitable date for colonoscopy and answer any questions they may have.
Patients will be sent an information pack and a bowel preparation kit in the mail. It will also contain admission arrangements for Figtree Hospital.

After the patient is admitted to Figtree Hospital they will get into a gown for their colonoscopy. They will then meet with Dr Winn to discuss their medical condition, the colonoscopy and to sign the consent form.

The colonoscopy is performed by Dr Winn with sedation from an Anasthetic specialist.

After the procedure Dr Winn will have a brief discussion with the patient regarding the findings of their colonoscopy. The patient will receive a copy of the report.

If any specimens are sent for pathology, depending on the findings, these results will be phoned to the patient or given to them in person at a subsequent consultation.

To be eligible for this service patients must:
1. Be 75 years old or under
2. Be able to walk up 1 flight of stairs without getting out of breath, or having to stop
3. Be able to drink 3 litres of water over 4-5 hours and be able to cope with going to and from the toilet without assistance
4. Be able to give consent without an interpreter

Patients requiring a pre colonoscopy consultation:
> Pre colonoscopy opinion required
> Opinion required as to whether the colonoscopy needs to be performed
> Diabetes being treated with insulin (oral treatment for diabetes is OK)
> A heart condition other than controlled high blood pressure
> A cardiac stent
> Take Clopidogrel (Iscover, Plavix) or Warfarin
> Have a known bleeding tendency
> Unable to cease asprin safely
> Renal failure or renal impairment
> Have had a stroke, mini stroke, or heart attack within the last 2 years
> Poorly controlled asthma or cough up sputum on a regular basis